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About Virginia Court Reporters Association

We are a nonprofit Virginia corporation dedicated to promoting the profession of court reporting and the general welfare and mutual professional interests of Virginia's freelance and official court reporters.

The primary purpose of the corporation shall be to promote, encourage, establish and maintain high standards of professionalism in the court reporting profession in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to promote ethics within the profession, to encourage training and educational opportunities for its members in the field of stenograph/stenomask reporting, and to carry on such other activities as may be permitted by law.

- Paragraph 2, Section 2 (Purposes) from the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of VCRA

What Membership Does For You

    • VCRA fought off electronic recording going into Williamsburg and Norfolk courts.
    • VCRA helped to push through SB 545, stopping contracting and keeping impartiality.
    • VCRA has socials for reporters throughout the state to stay in touch.
    • VCRA gives you opportunities for CEUs and special training.
    • VCRA keeps you informed of legislative matters that concern you and your career.
    • VCRA members get exclusive access to our quarterly newsletter and Facebook Members Group.
    • Remember, numbers speak volumes.  As individuals, we’re weaker; together, we’re stronger.

Court Reporters Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

  1. Exhibit total impartiality to all parties.
  2. Respect privileged information and confidences, oral or written, entrusted to the reporter or learned indirectly.
  3. honest and fair in all dealings with clients and fellow reporters; offer comparable services and financial arrangements to all; refrain from giving incentives, rewards or entering into undisclosed agreements with anyone connected in any way with the matter at hand.
  4. Immediately notify all parties of any conflict, or even possible or potential conflict, of interest.
  5. Maintain a professionally courteous attitude to all.
  6. Be prompt to all assignments, and maintain a dignified appearance in dress and deportment.
  7. Take the most diligent and painstaking care to prepare complete and accurate transcripts, and to deliver them timely.
  8. Strive constantly to remain current on changes in the law and legal procedures relating to court reporters and transcript filings, and to keep abreast of technological advancements in the field.
  9. Be truthful in both oral or written claims, including advertising, about professional qualifications and/or services provided.
  10. Preserve the record in accordance with the relevant statues or court order, be it through stenotype paper notes, stenomask voice tapes, or an electronic copy of notes, voice files or transcripts.
  11. Assist in improving and advancing the profession of court reporting, through membership in local, state and national associations, cooperation with the Virginia State Bar and the Bench, and working with qualified legal aid associations providing assistance to the indigent.
  12. Abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of VCRA and, through membership therein, those of NCRA and/or NVRA.

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