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President's Message -- Fall 2023 -- Unveiling the Power of Persistence: The Journey of a Virginia Court Reporter

15 Oct 2023 9:58 PM | Christopher Reho (Administrator)

In the world of legal proceedings, our role as court reporters often goes unnoticed, working silently behind the scenes to ensure that justice is served. Yet, it's essential to remember that our work is the cornerstone of a just and transparent legal system. As we continue to face challenges and embrace change, let us draw inspiration from our own journeys as court reporters in Virginia.

Every one of us has a unique story, a testament to our perseverance and dedication to our profession. Our paths may have been different, but they all share a common thread – the unwavering commitment to excellence.

Embracing the Challenges:

From the moment we began our journey as court reporters, we knew it was not going to be an easy path. The demands of the job, the technical intricacies, and the pressure to deliver accurate and timely transcripts could be overwhelming. However, we didn't let these challenges deter us. Instead, we faced them head-on, determined to overcome every obstacle.

Learning and Growing:

Our profession is dynamic, constantly evolving with technological advancements and changing legal landscapes. To stay relevant, we've had to adapt and embrace new tools and techniques. Learning stenography or mastering voice recognition software may have seemed daunting at first, but we persevered. We took courses, attended workshops, and continuously honed our skills. And in doing so, we demonstrated our resilience and determination.

Supporting Each Other:

In the Virginia Court Reporters Association, we've found a community of like-minded professionals who share our passion for the craft. We've relied on each other for support, guidance, and inspiration. Through networking events, conferences, and mentorship programs, we've strengthened our bonds and encouraged each other to reach new heights.

Celebrating Success:

Our journey has been filled with countless small victories. Each time we delivered a flawless transcript, passed a certification exam, or successfully navigated a highstress courtroom situation, we celebrated those moments. It's these small successes that have fueled our passion and kept us moving forward, even when the road was tough.

Inspire Future Generations:

As seasoned court reporters, we have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of professionals. Let's share our stories, our experiences, and our

wisdom with those who are just beginning their journey. By mentoring and guiding them, we can ensure that our profession continues to thrive and uphold the values of justice and transparency.

In conclusion, in the world of court reporting, persistence is not just a virtue; it's a necessity. Our profession demands it, and we've proven time and again that we have what it takes to succeed. Our journey as Virginia court reporters is a testament to our dedication, adaptability, and resilience. Let's continue to draw inspiration from our own stories and use them as a source of strength as we navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

Thank you for being a part of this remarkable profession. Together, we will continue to uphold the highest standards of excellence and ensure that justice is served.

Get Involved:

Lastly, get involved – give back to your profession – and reap the benefits. We need each of you to keep our profession alive and well. Mentor a

student, get involved in committee work, give back to your community by participating on Veterans Day in our Veterans History Project. Give a little and get back a lot. When you give back, you will be rewarded with a sense of satisfaction like nothing else. I feel that satisfaction as I lead your association as President. It’s rewarding, and I appreciate all that have given me great support these last six months, most especially the Board, Donna Linton, Carol Naughton, and Leslie Etheredge.


Michele Eddy, RPR, CRR, CRI, CCR

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