2013 VCRA Education Day - Featured Speaker

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Featured Speaker: Jennifer Bonfilio, RMR, CBC, CCP

Our featured speaker for the 2013 Education Day is Ms. Jennifer Bonfilio. In 1994 Ms. Bonfilio became the first CART provider at Princeton University. She assembled a team to provide CART for a deaf student and after the first semester, was asked to be the sole provider for the remainder of the student's undergraduate career.


In 1999 Ms. Bonfilio was trained as a broadcast captioner by VITAC, one of the leading captioning companies in the country. She worked in-house for VITAC for two years before starting her own business in 2001, NJCaptions. NJCaptions provided closed captioning and CART for several captioning companies on a remote basis as well as on-site CART for its own clients.


In 2010 Ms. Bonfilio, with a business partner, formed a new company, Coast 2 Coast Captioning (c2cc). c2cc provides CART and captioning for clients throughout the country. She is responsible for recruiting, vetting, and training independent contracting CART providers and captioners.


Ms. Bonifilio has trained court reporters transitioning into CART and captioning for several years and has assisted them in realtime theory modification, dictionary building, practice techniques, hardware, software, editing, paraphrasing, fingerspelling, and FCC regulations. She has also taught a Broadcast Captioning course at Middlesex County Community College.


Ms. Bonifilio has presented at captioning seminars around the country, as well as workshops and teletraining seminars for her own company. She has authored a series of articles for the CSRA-NJ's newsletter, NCRA's online Captioning Community of Interest's Captioning Corner, NCRA's Journal, and has been a member of the Captioning Community of Interest for a number of years. She has also authored the Broadcast Captioning Training Manual, The CART Provider's Guide, Realtime Training Manual, and the Sports Captioning Guidelines, which she uses in her teaching of captioning trainees. In addition, she has compiled a series of links and resources into an addendum to the Training Manual entitled Closed Captioning Resources.


Ms. Bonifilio has chaired the subcommittee of NCRA's Captioning Community of Interest, which created the Recommended Standards & Format Guidelines for U.S. Programming. She is also a certified Eclipse AccuCap trainer. She has created the first nationwide database of broadcast captioners and co-founded a broadcast captioners forum on Yahoo! Groups, for which she serves as moderator.



More to Come

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